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Why Shakespeare?

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Five Shakespearean Sonnets: Click on Sonnet Study for instructions


“Sonnet 29” “Sonnet 30” “Sonnet 71 ” “Sonnet 73” “Sonnet 116”

This first site is primarily an introduction to the publication, content and structure of Shakespeare's (154) sonnet collection:


The next three sites offer analysis, interpretation and commentary on each of the sonnets. Simply find the number of your sonnet (or opening line) and click on the opening line to read the sonnet and/or click on the Y to read the critique/commentary:

Site A:

Site B:
(If commentary on your sonnet is unavailable on this site, then go directly to Site C for further interpretation)


For this last site, scroll down past the painting of Henry and Emma" to find the links to the various sonnets. The first link is will take you to sub-grouping of the sonnets and then you will need to scroll down to find your sonnet by number. THIS IS THE BEST SITE FOR INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS OF YOUR SONNET!

Site C: