Dear AP and Honors Nine Students,

With Monday declared a "frozen day" and with the the very real possibility of that carrying over into Tueday,
I ask you to dedicate some of your time to English related assignments. Please read the message for your class
which is intended to assist you with accomplishing the tasks that were discussed in part
(or not at all) during class on Friday.

Mr. Wells


Honored English Nine Students,

IF we are frozen out on Tuesday as well, we will reschedule the Oral Recitations for Wednesday.
Everyone should have their embellished document completed by Wednesday's class. The vocabulary quiz will move to next week.

With Monday and Tuesday "frozen days" we have in effect lost one complete class period for your Socratic Seminar
preparation; therefore, please complete the reading and RAPing of your essay - Then proceed to input information
into NoodleTools.
The Socratic Seminars will take place on Thursday, Friday and Monday.
Everyone should be prepared to participate in a Seminar on Thursday.

Be sure to first create an Annotated Works Cited Entry. Then create a Notecard with some KEY QUOTES (paragraph #s)
- Remember that there is an online link to each of your essays for a quicker "cut and paste" option for direct quote.
You could use the PARAPHRASE card to practice restating an idea of your author makes that you find interesting
or hard to understand (something that you want to bring to your group for discussion).
In the MY IDEAS card put comments and questions
about sections of the essay that you want to discuss with your group.
Print out your notecards and bring them with you for the Socratice Seminar.

Remember to look at the Article Background Information & Seminar Initial Questions:( link ).
Bring some background information to the Seminar. You can either create a new
Notecard with that information or simply "cut and paste" some information into a document (just be sure that
you identify the source of your information.

For those of you who have an approved Research Topic (and even those who have not),
this screencast will present how to go about gathering Sources for your Annotated Bibliography.

Password to view: homestead OR CLICK HERE No Password needed

(best viewing of screencast - a desktop computer or laptop, but you can see it on a smartphone - horizontal position)

Here's a link to the Daily Calendar


Honorable AP Students,

IF we are back on Tuesday, the Friday Daily Calender provides you with the HW information that you need ( in terms
of background for Dickens's novel and for the Synthesis Topic of Mandatory Community Service; however,
I want to draw your attention to Monday's Daily Calender information. I ask that you work your way through the links
found there and respond in writing as indicated.

IF we are still frozen on Tuesday, please note the changes in the Synthesis Unit Assignment (in terms of due dates).

Your Writing Metaphor Paragraph will still be due on Thursday as planned.


(best viewing of screencast - a desktop computer or laptop, but you can see it on a smartphone - horizontal position)

Here's a link to the Daily Calendar

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Stay Warm Everyone!