Unit One Multi-Paragraph Essay on Thomas Jefferson

Some Thoughts on the Writing Components in your Essay:
Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization and Language Usage

* A multi-paragraph essay presumes an introductory and a concluding paragraph.

* How did you attempt to grab your reader's attention? What strategy did you use?

* Does your thesis statement address the prompt regarding Jefferson: a complex and influential "Founding Father"?

* Did you place your thesis statement at the end of your Introductory Paragraph?

* Do the Topic Sentences of each of paragraph include a claim that relates to your thesis and do you develop this idea in the paragraph?

* Did you support your topic sentence claim with textual evidence? Did you lead into your quote? Did you provide a (parenthetical reference)?

* Did you develop your position by commenting upon and interpreting the quote? Did you avoid simply repeating what is in the quote?
(Remember, the quote does not say anything, but Jefferson did or Prof. Ferling did).

* Does your writing contain transitionary language within and between your paragraphs (remember the handout I gave you - see the last two pages)

* Does your writing contain sentence variety (again, see the handout - first two pages)?

* How does your concluding paragraph both restate your main idea and also give your reader a something to consider (a big idea)?


Introductory Strategies:

•Provide relevant background information.

•Briefly relate an interesting anecdote or story.

•Give one or more pertinent statistics.

•Ask one or more provocative questions

•Use an appropriate quotation

•Define a key term.

•Present one or more brief examples.

"Strategies" to Avoid

•Don’t write statements about your purpose, such as “I am going to discuss the causes of falling oil prices.”

•Don’t apologize, as in “I’m not sure this right, but this is my opinion.”

•Don’t use overworked expressions, such as, “as I recently discovered” or “as you probably already know ,” etc.