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Non-Fiction Portfolio

Expectations: One student selected non-fiction piece per week chosen from a subscription database on the Homestead IMC Reference Shelf or from the list of Online Media Sources found on Mr. Wells’ Website. Print a hardcopy of your reading selection (length = approx. two pages) and complete the following writing activities (Use Noodle Tools Notecards, Works Cited):

        /   5   RAP

      /   5   Write gist statement (20 word summary/two sentences max).

      /   3   Create MLA documentation

      /   3   Connect to literature, class discussion or personal experience (two sentences max)

      /   3   Explain why you chose this source and how this non-fiction piece adds to your expanding worldview (two sentences max).

      /   1   No more than two articles from the same source.


*Each week, print out a hardcopy of your article (with annotations) and attach a printed version of your summary, MLA doc, connection and explanation from NoodleTools notecards & WorksCited.