Portraits of the American Literary Voices


Library of Congress



Portrait by Charles Osgood, 1834, from an original by an unknown artist. Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.






Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia


Courtesy Manuscript Division, Jonathan Edwards Collection, Princeton University.

Engraved by J. Thomson, 1805
From an Original Picture by J.A. Duplessis

Source: Legacy Photo Gallery


Hartshorn, W.S., photographer.
"Edgar Allen Poe." 1848.
Prints and Photographs Division,
Library of Congress.

Peabody Essex Museum

Ralph Waldo Emerson,
lithograph by
Leopold Grozelier, 1859


Public Domain  


Original photograph courtesy of National Archives. Modifications © 2005 Jone Johnson Lewis.

A.F. Bradley, New York, copyright, Mark Twain, 1907. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.


Daguerreotype of
Emily Dickinson.
The Archives & Special Collections, Amherst College.


Source: AccuNet/AP

Public Domain

1915 photo, public domain

Hughes Paris, France 1938
Library of Congress.

Princeton University Libraries

Photo by Morris Warman

Michael K. Hemp
Pat Hathaway Collection

Photo courtesy of the author

Photo courtesy of the author

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The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor
William Halsall (1882)