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PART ONE: America in Art and Photography (15 points = Image, credits, and commentary)


Step One:

Browse this extensive collection of Art and Photography from the 1930s by clicking on the slideshow link near the top of the page (the entire slideshow, without pausing, takes about five minutes to view). Select ONE work of art AND ONE photograph from this collection that captures your attention more than the rest.
- (To view the collection click here 1930s )

Step Two:

Create a google PPT presentation OR a google doc using the following Title:

Class Period-TKM-Image-Your Last Name

Share this document with me at wellslearning803 @

Copy and paste the work of art and the photo by taking a *screen shot of the images and insert them into your PPT presentation or word document (see the samples below for the appropriate size for an image).

*How to take a "screen shot" - With a Mac hold down the shift - command & 4 keys similtaneously. When the little "target" appears click and hold down the mouse while dragging it over the image. When you let go, the screen shot will appear on your desktop. Copy and paste that file into your word document/ppt (and then drag the image to the trash when you are done).

Step Three:

Comment on either the work of art OR the photo: Why does it "stand out" from among the rest in the collection? What does it make you think about? feel? wonder? Comment on aspects of the image, etc.) If possible, try to make a connection to the novel (include a direct quote from the story with a parenthetical citation).

Be sure to include in your document the credit information below the image for your selected works (and read about the License information). Make sure you have active links back to the source.

SEE SAMPLES (click here) (click here)


PART TWO: America from the Great Depression to World War II (1935 - 1945) Black and White photos from Alabama Counties (15 points = Image, credits, and commentary):

click here and click here

Choose ONE black and white photo from one of the ALABAMA COUNTIES in this collection.

Repeat the process above. Be sure to include the photo caption and the photographer's name. You can use the same PPT or google doc for this part of the project (15 points = Image, credits, and commentary)

(Total project is worth 30 points).

Your document is due Thursday.