Online discussion - some ‘netiquette’ guidelines

Here is a brief guide to the ‘do’s’ of online interaction or ‘netiquette’ in an online discussion or forum in an academic environment.

Keep your comments brief and relevant to the discussion topic

If responding to a previous comment, be sure to provide enough information
so that the context of your response is understood

Start a new topic if your comments do not follow on from previous contributions

Respect the contributions of others - it is OK to disagree (that’s partly what the
forum is for!) but please be polite in your responses

Bear in mind the other participants cannot see you - they cannot pick up the
non-verbal clues they might during face to face interaction. In other words, humor is often misunderstood.

Remember that this is a public forum; therefore, what you share can be seen by anyone in the group.

Use lower case letters - DO NOT SHOUT!

Do not use Instant/Text Messaging Language. OMG! You mean I have to write in standard English and in complete sentences?! 
Yes u have 2.  Oops, LOL.  Yes you have to have to write in complete sentences because proper spelling and grammar matters!

Positive Participation

Meaningful and relevant discussion includes, but is not limited to:

1) responding to the issues presented and justifying/supporting your responses
2)  providing new insights into the discussion topics
3)  posing possible solutions to a problem

  1. answering a question posed by another participant

5)  providing additional support for your or another’s opinion/interpretation
6)  disagreeing with another participant with clear, respectful and justifiable reasons.
7)   asking a question that could lead to new insights in the discussion area

Negative Participation

  1. just agreeing with another participant without providing additional information or supporting evidence.
  2. Including comments that have nothing to do with the subject of the discussion.
  3. Restating someone else’s position without adding any new information

Online discussion about the Jim Crow South and the N-Word in literature, in life, and in the classroom at

Remembering Jim Crow (click here)
Listen Up (works using Safari as your browser)

To participate in the online discussion topic -
Race and Racism: Language, Literature, Law and Life

class name = 1Honors All (2013-14)

class ID: 6700965

enrollment password = ALL4ONE


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