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Short Story Unit

Status - Story:  “The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst

- Pre-reading Reflection (Think-Pair-Share):

How concerned are you about what others think of you? Is it easy or difficult for you to accept when things do not turn out as you expected? How well do you handle disappointment and failure? Come up with a specific example that illustrates your answer to each of these questions.

Instructional Purpose (IP):  “Why am I Reading This?”

Reading Skills (*Respond in writing to at least ONE of the following):

Vocabulary Development - Look up and write down the meaning of at least one "new word" in the story (see if your word is found on the class website vocabulary link for this story).

Demonstrate the ability to extend a discussion by adding relevant information or asking pertinent questions

* How do you think this story will end? Provide "textual evidence" that relates to your prediction.

* Find an example of an allusion .

* Identify a key passage (direct quote from a character, narrator's description) and create an illustration (hand drawn, digital work, photo, etc.) Include the quote on your illustration.