Question, Connection, Objection, Revelation (Q - C - O - R)

This exercise may lead to small or large group discussion or may lead to a fishbowl or Socratic Seminar

After reading a novel, play, article, essay or poem, students (and teacher) submit the answer to one or all three of the following components on a note card:

Ask a Question - What question do you have about the text?

> Level one: factual questions with absolute answers

> Level two: questions that require analysis, interpretation, and insight; answers are based o the point of view of the reader, and different readers may support diverse answers but must support their response with textual evidence

> Level three: questions that ask readers to apply the ideas beyond the text, relating the piece of writing to real life, history, other texts, or personal experience

* If you raise a level one question, please include an additional level two (rhetorical analysis) or level three (synthesis) question

Make a Connection

Look for connections between texts. One text may illustrate, reinforce, or contradict another text. Draw conclusions based on your reading.

Make an Objection

What do you object to concerning the text? This could be an objection to the content or style of the text or an objection to a choice a character made.

Share a Revelation

What did you learn while reading this text that you didn't know before, or what idea or truth did the text help you build a deeper understanding of upon reflection.