The Argument over Climate Change: Collaborative Engagement

Your task: Carefully "watch/listen to/read and evaluate"the following sources.

1) 130 Years of Earth Surface Temperatures - view the 30 second clip (link)

2) A Burning Question: Propaganda & the Denial of Climate Change - view the four minute trailer (link)

3) Short Answers to Hard Questions about Climate Change (link)

4) NASA: Vital Signs of the Planet (link)

5) Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 (link)

**Choose TWO sources from the NASA "Vital Signs" Site (link):

a) One from the Interactive Features Column (lefthand column)

b) One from the Latest Resources Infographics (righthand box)

Using the "Climate Change" document in your Google Drive Folder Evaluate your sources as follows:

* About Viewers and Readers: What overall impression does the visual text create in you? Briefly explain why/how.
* About Content and Purpose: What argumentative purpose does the visual text convey?
* About Design: How is the visual text *composed? What's your eye drawn to first? Why?

*Discuss detail placement and the effect these placements have on the message?

** Partners should each select a visual from the NASA source

***Choose TWO sources from the NY Times Paris Conference Coverage (link)

a) One from Week One of the Conference (Nov 30 - Dec 5)

b) One from Week Two of the Conference (Dec 6 - Dec 11th)

* What is the primary claim the source makes about the issue?
* What data or evidence does the source offer in support of that claim?
* What are the *assumptions or beliefs (explicit or unspoken) and the **warrants that connect the reason(s)/evidence/data to support the claim?

* See especially the information under the subheadings: Assumptions and Indentifying Assumptions
** See especially the info under the subheadings: The Toulmin Model and Warrants/General Strategies of Argument

*** Partners should each select an article from the NY Times Coverage of the Conference

"Note that students will need to learn how to perform such analyses of nontextual sources:
graphs, charts, pictures, cartoons, and so on.

from "Preparing for the Synthesis Question: Six Moves Toward Success"
by Professor David Joliliffe
University of Arkansas

Complete your analysis and evaluation using the above questions as your guide.
Use the document in your Google Drive Folder entitled "Climate Change"


Be prepared for a class discussion on Wednesday.






















1) Global Warming the Science and the Controversy (link)
[If this link will not open for you, please go to the IMC online reference page
to gain access with the login and password (link)].

a) click on the Causes link and read/listen to the overview.

b) Then click on at least TWO of the photograph links and read/listen to Viewpoint 1 and Viewpoint 2)

"We're Having a Heat Wave" vs. "Baby It's Cold Outside" (link)